Have you noticed that no matter how many astute professional people have come forward to affirm that the Covid does not exist and the Fake Vaccine is poisonous and kills, NOTHING has made a DENT in the armor? Now you have to ask, why that is so? We have to identify the problems that are obstacles to stopping the Mass Genocide. Number 1 are the mind controlled People, that were indoctrinated in the schools and by television and movies. Number 2 is the inability to get sane people to be fierce and use their killer instinct for good. Number 3 is the MEDIA. For as long as they live they will continue to lie and manipulate the same people that are already mind controlled. So in order to fix Number 1, we must eliminate Number 3. As for Number 2, the First Shot will start the domino’s to fall which is the Reason we have the 2 Amendment. Nothing short of permanent solutions will bring Freedom and Health to the deserving People, that has been missing perhaps since civilization began. The Time Is Now News