They have done it before and they are doing it again. Do not listen to those that tell you to sit back and wait. They are committing Genocide on ALL Humans in order to LAB CREATE a hive mind connected through computer chips implanted in the body through the Fake Covid tests and the Fake Vaccines. They will be connected to the cloud. The bodies will be nothing more than Avatars. They have achieved genocides before in order to have more resources for themselves and also to plan for this time right now. The Population had to be able to be at such a number that this could be achieved. It all started a long time ago. This is what we face. But they did not get everybody onboard. And now they will hang. The people will be the Hunters and the Punishers. No one is coming to save us. The sooner everyone realizes that, the better. The Hunters have become The Hunted. The Time Is Now News