We have to remember the Golden Rule. Never give your Power over to Another. We all have the final say over ourselves. If we give control to another we lose ourselves. This is ultimately what THEY want, control over us, to be slaves and never question their Authority. You have NOTHING in this world without the ability to make your own decisions. We can take someone’s advice or we can listen but not take it. No one is above you and no one is beneath you. We are here to do the best we can do, to learn to make good choices and be good people. It is NOT THEIR BUSINESS TO REIGN OVER US!! They have taken the presumption that they are allowed to boss us around, BUT It is a LIE! They gave THEMSELVES THAT POWER. So if you go up against them you are on EQUAL FOOTING! And THEY need to be Chastised over what they have done!!!!! Long Live The People!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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