THEY are overwhelming America with poverty, high prices and fewer commodities. High Gas. A sick population with weak Immune systems. Mental exhaustion and Threats of medically inducing sickness into everybody’s bodies. A so called Government who does nothing but get rich and puts on a DOG and PONY show for the public. A dangling carrot of a rigged election to make it all better once it is overturned! This for the BELIEVERS who think they can sit on their asses while Good Men SAVE THE WORLD!!! Both ends of the spectrums are useless. No matter if there is a response to grab these evil people doing this, The People will NOT SURVIVE unless they rise up NOW!!! DO NOT COMPLY!!! STAND UP!!!!! Every day THEY push their Agenda further. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! Call, get in the Streets, Go to the Fake Vaccine Plants, Go to their buildings, houses, Go get the MEDIA!!!! We cannot sit this one out. THEY ARE KILLING US!!!!! It is THEM OR US!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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