THE FDA is having a MEETING to determine giving Killshots to 5 year olds and up. THEY want to murder the young children. Maim and murder them. They predicted a POLIO OUTBREAK among children a while back on their sites. Call, email, protest and tell them they are already WANTED FOR MURDER! FLOOD THEM so they know they are BEING WATCHED!!!! NEVER EVER EVER COMPLY TO THIS!!!! click on for info, phone #

3 Ways to Contact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA … › Contact-the-Food-and-Drug-Administration-(FDA)1. Call 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)[3] X Trustworthy Source US Food and Drug Administration U.S. government agency responsible for promoting public health Go to source. . This is the main phone number for the FDA, and most questions can be answered by calling this number.

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