Here is where Sen. Rand Paul got his Gain of Function (which is ILLEGAL) proof because of what was in the patent, therefore this kind of laboratory experiment with animal to human study was INDEED done. WTH were these People funding with our tax dollars I should add? Tucked away in Canada were non approved studies taking place and it WAS NOT ABOUT VIRUSES! And if a Virus was to be made it could not have a cure already in the form of Ivermectin or anything else already on the market! Thus a couple who owned a medicine that would be useful were KILLED! IN CANADA! This is why the fight to hide the parasitic medicine is in play. The PARASITES are in the injection also! It is hard to cover up a lie after lie after lie, etc… and THEY have not been able to do it. The narrative falls apart here in the documents and in the back tracing of the cover ups. No, I would suggest it was about producing an Injection with lipid, wrapped around graphene and MRNA, that seemed to be made in CHINA( Sinopeg ) This is where the Canadian, China connection can be made! Justin Trudeau and China have some explaining to do. Were Fauci AND Gates the FUNDERS for this Black Operation that was to devise sinister foreign particles that would be CALLED VACCINES and render the Planet near empty????? It all comes around FULL CIRCLE, nice and tidy. NUREMBERG 2 will be a pleasure for The People to Watch! The Time Is Now News. click on to see… (gain of function proof in the PATENT!)

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