BILL GATES MAIMED AND KILLED AT LEAST 40,000 INDIAN KIDS, NOW THIRSTY FOR AMERICAN CHILDREN’S BLOOD. He has done this in Africa also. HE IS COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN NOW!!!!! He is killing people. They are dying. And no one is tracking him down. All of DC, the Governors, Mayors and School Boards are following this UN Agenda. They are now KILLING US. They are DISTRACTING US with Shipping Containers and other stupid NEWS while they implement GENOCIDE ON US!!! IF WE DO NOT SURVIVE, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE!!! AMERICA Is The Last HOPE FOR THE WORLD! If We Rise it must be BIGGGGGGGG! WE must be willing to go and get the People who are doing this!!! Our Forefathers TOLD US it was OUR DUTY to DEFEND AND PROTECT THIS COUNTRY!!!! And in turn help the ENTIRE WORLD! The World looks to America!!!! Are we going to take this laying down???????? THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! click on to see video…

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  1. This bastard n fauci n Soros and their globalist cronies and politicians thst r complicit in these crimes against humanity should be put before firing squads and killed or hanged ! They’re nothing but unethical cold blooded premeditated murderers!

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