The People of the World are in a State of Shock! Similar to when someone unexpectantly loses someone, or suffers an accident! The SHOCK of it is a form of survival. Until the REALITY of the situation sets in, the mind must process the sorrow and horror of a given State of Affairs. We, The World People, are in that State of Shock, making us vulnerable to others. This was done on purpose. We are weakened from the Shock and Awe tactics being played upon us. What we have to do is shake it off and worry about the tragedy of it all LATER! For now we need ONLY FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO TO BRING IT ALL DOWN!!! WHO RUNS THINGS? The people do. They do. Even if it is just to push a button, THEY do it. SO what if there are no more THEYS! Even if there is a QUESTION if someone is bad, we must ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION! IF someone is not HELPING with the problem, they are Part of the problem. They should have surrendered. If it looks, sounds and walks like a duck, it is a duck. Look at ACTIONS, don’t listen to words they say about working for us. It’s a LIE! CONTROLLED OPPOSITION is DISTRACTION! THEY are buying Time!!! I talked about Time and how they are using it to THEIR advantage. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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