BOMBSHELL!!!!! – PFIZER WHISTLEBLOWER SAYS VACCINE ‘GLOWS,’ CONTAINS ‘TOXIC’ LUCIFERASE, GRAPHENE OXIDE. This Fake Vaccine changes our DNA and harms our bodies in ways we can’t even comphrend. They are deliberately maiming and killing us. WE cannot wait any longer! We must end this one way or another, because THEY will keep going until They are STOPPED!!!!!!!! Why are the Pfizer manufacturing sites still in one piece. Turn the Fire alarm on, get the people out and then OOPS!!!! As long as they can make this evil poison, brainwashed people will take it. The MEDIA NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT!!!! They get on Television as if there is nothing wrong with GENOCIDE!!!! FOX, all of them!!!! THE MEDIA IS KILLING US!!!!!!!! ALL POLITICIANS ARE KILLING US!!!! Nobody is coming to save us!!!! Stop waiting for NOTHING!!!! Get yourselves together….. click on to see video…


  1. Wish Truthers would stop using Rumble since most of us can’t get that format.
    So many miss their reports because we can’t see them. YOu hae to use a high tech device to be a Rumble member.
    They need to use open to all formats like Bitchute, Roxytube and Brighteon.

    Many never see those Rumble reports. Nor do they get put on newsletters.
    WE hunt for websites like this one so we can at least READ the report.
    The videos here don’t work either because they are taken from Rumble !
    Anything to do with Rumble is off limits to most of us.

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