9/11 was to FREAK THE PEOPLE OUT and have them turn to the Government to PROTECT them from the Enemy, TERRORISTS!( The Patriot Act was crucial!) This way they could sidestep the ending of the US Corporation and buy some time to devise a PLAN to take down America permanently and restart her again with the NWO CORPORATION! They proceeded to create ISIS, funding them and virtually making them up out of thin air, probably with their partners in crime, Hollywood. Then they got the Media onboard through bribes, blackmail, same with DC and State politicians. Now they had to create a SCENERIO that would hit America so Hard they could not come back. They decided to take out some other major Countries that could put a chink in their armor. Thus we have the Fake Vaccine killing People to make their takeover more manageable. AS long as The People NEVER FOUND OUT that THEY THEMSELVES were actually in Control of America, they could remain rulers. This is not a guess, this is not wishful thinking, this is Reality! WE KNOW!!!!!!! IT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Look it up. Research for yourselves. They have censored us so we could not get the entire picture. The controlled opposition won’t tell you this. IT IS OVER!!!! OVER!!!!!!!The Time Is Now News

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