Rockefeller Family. What this family did was BAN( OUTLAW) all tinctures and medicines that worked and founded the PHARMACEUTICAL Industry. They also owned Standard Oil and so they put petroleum in pills and thus creating the make a problem, create a problem, solve the problem with another problem cycle and OWNED IT ALL!!!! Along with this came an onslaught of diseases and a sick and weak population. They expanded on the Vaccine injections because this gave them even greater Power and Money. Unfortunately The People went along with it not knowing what they were taking but ASSUMING the( as Robert Kennedy Jr. has explained) AUTHORITY knew what was best for them. BIG MISTAKE! Anyone can tell anyone anything but should you blindly take it as truth??? The Media has regurgitated the false doctrines of the Medical Association to the point that People thought it must be true if the News Anchors told them it was. And now they are able to make up numbers right out of thin air and tell people that this number died of this virus we can not pinpoint but just believe us. Just Believe us. It doesn’t have to make sense to you, JUST BELIEVE US! TRUST US! TRUST US! TRUST US!!!!! No, we cannot be this stupid. They did things to us to make us more stupid than we are and to doubt our intuitions. And we find ourselves in a PICKLE!!! Not Science Fiction but Real life Insanity Scenarios going on all around us. Some are in Denial, Others do not know what to do. Well, WE FIGHT! Everything we have at our disposal must be used!!!

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