With all the protests, could it be that they will not stop the tyranny? Have you ever heard the expression that in order to make something understood , one must go to the Source? How about you have to chop off the Head of the Snake to end it. Where are the Tyrannical orders coming from? The Media, The Television, the Parliament, Infiltrated Police? The streets are not where the tyranny comes from. It is Buildings and People. You have to take the fight where it is originating from, where it gets its momentum. Where is the Force that is pushing this on The People? Where is it??? Who are the People who are mass murdering countries? Can they lock up Millions of people? Create diversions and then find the Spreaders of Evil. In the studios? Why are they FREE to Lie to everyone? Why are they UNTOUCHABLE but the people can be manhandled? Why? Why? Why? Destroy the Fake Vaccines and the DECEIVERS. Destroy the Covid Camps. Destroy everything that makes their Plan workable. Then you will be on equal footing and THAT IS WHERE YOU MUST BE!!!!

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