How does a pick pocket do it? They DISTRACT you so you have no idea they lifted your wallet. What does the Government do to screw you over? They distract you with meaningless news stories using Media, Hollywood, Politicians, etc. They throw in shipping delays, a rigged election, inflation, Biden gaffes, celebrity news, a Border crises, but what is their primary target? The wallet, The People. To experiment as they maim and kill people who fall by the wayside, so they can learn how to Transhuman them and RUIN them forever. The people are the Wallet!!!!!! Stay focused and remember, Distraction works! Take a page from their book.

In the midst of chaos and confusion , it is hard to defend yourself and react fast and that is what these Governments have done to The People. So why are their Meetings, Television broadcasts AND Lives undisrupted? How are tires still in tact. How do they get around? Cars, trains? Do they have electricity working in their homes, their Offices?Are they using PHONES, COMPUTERS to get their marching orders? It must be nice to be so UNAFFECTED while The people’s lives are turned upside down. Must be nice.

With all the protests, could it be that they will not stop the tyranny? Have you ever heard the expression that in order to make something understood , one must go to the Source? How about you have to chop off the Head of the Snake to end it. Where are the Tyrannical orders coming from? The Media, The Television, the Parliament, Infiltrated Police? The streets are not where the tyranny comes from. It is Buildings and People. You have to take the fight where it is originating from, where it gets its momentum. Where is the Force that is pushing this on The People? Where is it??? Who are the People who are mass murdering countries? Can they lock up Millions of people? Create diversions and then find the Spreaders of Evil. In the studios? Why are they FREE to Lie to everyone? Why are they UNTOUCHABLE but the people can be manhandled? Why? Why? Why? Destroy the Fake Vaccines and the DECEIVERS. Destroy the Covid Camps. Destroy everything that makes their Plan workable. Then you will be on equal footing and THAT IS WHERE YOU MUST BE!!!!

BREAKING: PFIZER WHISTLEBLOWER MELISSA STRICKLER, who confirmed there were Fetal cells in their VACCINES, HAS BEEN TERMINATED! What are you SO AFRAID OF PFIZER??? Perhaps your cover has been blown and now The World knows what you have been doing! YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID!!!! Billions of People will be coming for you!!! There is no stopping the SURGE! click on to see video…