Millions of People are Suffering and Dying from the poisonous jab. To help them, the Cabal has fired the professional Healthcare workers by making them chose between a healthy body and a poisonous body. If they choose health they lose their job and THE MILITARY replaces them. This is our WORLD! If you think that someone is coming to save us, aren’t they a little late to the party???? Gee I wonder why? Do a Billion INNOCENT people have to die? Then they will say we won the election? People Dying is not URGENT enough to call an election?????? The People have to SEE before they wake up??????? REALLY? REALLY? REALLY?????????? What a bunch of HOGWASH! This is why Politicians say NOTHING as people die from the kill shot??? Why should they? They KNOW the ending. Their part in it is to keep quiet. Well, I do not know what more to say. I am disappointed that my Fellow Countrymen do not think that the lives of their children, innocent people are worth fighting for. School board arguments are not going to cut it, I am sorry to say. Even though “THEY ” tell you to do that and make you feel like you are fighting the good fight, it is to keep you from waging all out War against the Enemy Within. I don’t know what more to say.

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