Come to think of it, is Trump coming back as President WORTH MILLIONS OF SICK AND DEAD FROM THE FAKE VACCINE???? Is he BETTER than those whom are being sacrificed to please the Globalists? We could lose BILLIONS of People? Are Trump Followers under a spell from his repetitious speeches? Is he more VALUABLE than those that are maimed and have died from the Fake Covid, NOT CHINA, Virus? We must stop the Democrat Republican shit! Get it together people! So who cares if the election was stolen??? Mass murder is under way and the People had better Wake the Fuck UP!!!!! Forget Sidney, Lin Wood, Dan Scavino, Russiagate, elections, Doesn’t fucking matter!! None of it!! Nobody wants the Fucking Government back!!!! When this is done, we will see what we can scrap together for a Country. Illegals are overtaking USA right now! Don’t listen to any of them anymore!!!!!!!!!

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