They are DONE! Put a Fork in them! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!! “Take your Fake Vaccines and dispose of them or The People will do it for you Fake Rulers of the World!!!!!” The curtain has been pulled back! We can see you! We can hear you! Your going to PRISON and That Is It!!! There is no getting out of it! IT IS OVER!!!!! The People will come and get you if you do not turn yourselves over To the Military Police! Not only have you enacted a COUP on America, you have committed MURDER and Attempted MURDER! You stole the People’s votes!!! You are marked and targeted Criminals and The People, BILLIONS, will hunt you down!!! You cannot undo what you have done and the price you must pay for Treason and Murder is Prison or Death! May this be a WARNING TO ALL People who wish to go against the Masses!!!! In history the CRIMINAL OVERLORDS ALWAYS GO DOWN!!!!!! IT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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