There is something all of us can do. Keep protesting. Keep an eye on your neighbors, people out and about. DO NOT LET THEM GET HARASSED for illegal mask mandates! Go to the schools and take the masks off from children! Fight for your Rights that THEY are pretending they can take from you. THEY CAN’T! IT’S ALL A LIE! A SHOW! They can not isolate the Fake Virus ! It does not EXIST!!! It’s the flu, they say we didn’t have!!!!Let them know they are going to Prison!!!! Try and get clean water, the fluoride dulls the brain. Maybe a good water filter will help. Take supplements to get out the metals from your brain and body. Research. Keep making noise!!!! We will not STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!!!!!!! We will get stronger and we will take back our World!!! We are doing it !!! They are DONE!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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