Remember People, those sitting in DC and State Houses, who take their orders from NWO assholes and have locked us down, taken away our jobs, jabbed our CHILDREN, told us where we can go and NOT go, these same people were NOT EVEN ELECTED!!!! The Machines cheated on their behalf!! They have no more power to make a law than YOU DO!!!! Now if that doesn’t make you mad I don’t know what would!!!!!!! Drag them all out by their hair, into the streets!! They are mass murderers, stealing our votes and PRETENDING we voted them in all the while they ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! The MEDIA and all of them DO NOT DESERVE TO WALK ABOUT!!! The Time Is Now to act upon what we now know, without a doubt, and to seek JUSTICE!!!! We pull them down and put them on trial ourselves!!!!!! And whomever tries to stop us will meet their maker!!!! NOW, TODAY ALL OF DC, STATE and those names we know by heart!!!! Before more People are Fake Vaccinated and are maimed or die, BY GOD WE END IT NOW!!! These people will NEVER STOP UNTIL WE STOP THEM!!! Save the People!!!!!!!!! Go and get them!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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