If you jab your children you will be indicted for attempted murder. If you CHOSE not to look at the clear cut evidence than you will be tried for attempted murder. Your CHILDREN will be without you and know that you attempted to murder them. The future starts TODAY. We are not criminals or murderers but the Cabal made people attempt suicide and they will PAY the ultimate PRICE!!! They shall be ARRESTED, ON THE SPOT, AND THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO GO IN NUMBERS AND GET THEM! Anyone who gives a Fake Vaccine to ANYONE WILL BE INCARCERATED. If they do not understand this they will be read their rights. If money was involved and bribery is shown than they will be tried as guns for hire, randomly killing others for money. This is what is happening right now. This is not a joke. It is the Wake Up Call for The World!!! We were living the joke. IT IS OVER!!!!!

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