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  1. IMAGINE THAT …. The world is soo fked up right now !! If this is true .. tnk you !! Now explain that to every politician who has blanketed ther country in bullshit.. !! The billionaire take over of the world ..!!! The rich and elite yet once again shit on the poor !! And expect us to bail them out of trillions of dollars that they have wasted , just to keep ther prissy life styles and not to get there hands dirty !!! Leave all that too the poor and middle-class !! You sit here and tell me we should have a peaceful demonstration of democratic values !!! Every gov. Of this world, every billionaire and every rich Ahole involved in this hypocrisy of the world should be stoned to death !! They want to eliminate the population of the world !! If they took all the money…. They could fix this fked up planet !!! But then again they don’t no wat it means , to get there hands dirty and work !!! They would rather have blood on ther hands !!! AND YOU want me and every other hard WORKING human being to be peaceful about how we have been treated !!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💯

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