And I am REALLY sick of hearing KISSINGER and his little words of wisdom shit about , ” take away the food and you can control the little people!” SHOVE IT HENRY!!!!! Are you still alive????? Well let me tell you it’s not gonna be so fucking easy taking the world away from us you piece of shit!!!!!!! Take out the slime balls and we can control ourselves!!!!!!!! You can just zip it Henry!!! Look in the shadows Henry…..

You know, THEY always tell us what they are going to do. ” We’re going to lock you down, no holiday for you, we are going to give you poison “….Well maybe it’s time we told them what WE are going to do!!!!! No more hiding in the shadows being afraid to speak!!!!!!!!! They can Speak, well no more being QUIET!!!!! There is MORE OF US THAN THEM!!!!!!!!!! They can shut up now, it’s time for them to take their medicine!!!! They feed off from our fear. WELL now they can feel fear.

What would really piss off the pharmaceutical companies? What would cut into their profits and take them down? Not the Indian or other decent companies but the big ones that are killing us for money. There you will find the sweet spot that will take them out. Wherever their drugs are, or made. Who are on the boards? Why do they get to sit in silence while we die? Where’s Bill Gates? Where’s George Soros? BILLIONS OF US!!!! Dig people, dig.

SHUT IT DOWN!!!! DO everything I say, get in the streets, don’t shop, don’t pay your taxes, find the vaccines and destroy them, don’t go to the Hospitals, the Doctors, any Healthcare provider, picket the Statehouses, the politician’s houses, DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF!!!! They are KILLING US!!!!! Take videos, follow the Politicians, go in mobs, take what ever you need with you. Find Fauci!!!!! Make lists of things to do to, make noise, BE LOUD!!!!! There are BILLIONS OF US!!!!!!!!!!! The Time is Now News click on to see video…