I am hearing that the Deep State is going down. This would mean arrests are coming. This would mean the rigged election would be declared by the Military to be false. But if we do not see something this week it is safe to say that The World People will have to do what they do not do. Maybe even do things they never dreamed they would have to do. Their intention is to CREATE SHORTAGES, mainly Food. They are pretending there are shipping problems. They want people to beg for the KILLSHOT to get food. They plan on crashing the economy. Their goal is to bring everyone ( who lives) onboard with a One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economy. If they do not they will go to camps and never come out. So you can see, the stakes are high. The Time Is Now to get together and figure out what needs to be done to end this. BE LOUD! NEVER COMPLY! Hope for the best but PREPARE FOR THE WORST! There are BILLIONS OF PEOPLE against a FEW!!!! Be Ready!!!! The Time Is Now News

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