An intense MESSAGE!!! Listen Up you pedos who have the GALL to try and run our LIVES!!! Everyone is coming for you!!!!! You sick bastards!!!! WE’RE DONE THINKING IT WILL GET BETTER ON IT’S OWN. NO IT WON’T!!! UNTIL YOUR ALL 6 FEET UNDER WE CAN NOT REST!!!!!! IT’S OVER FOR YOU! ALL THAT MATTERS IS GETTING YOU ALL!!!!!! click to see video…

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  1. those troops that the state of new york has invited are going to be surprised when they start finding themselves bleeding to death with no health care available and the army medics also taking bullets in the head from members of the public who have had it with the foreign u.s. gov’t.

    And it’s a shame for them. The reason they are soldiers is because their bosses screwed up their lives from the beginning anticipating to use the people they damaged to kill the people they failed to damage.

    But it’s inevitable. They’ll need to be killed because they are surely completely brainwashed.

    I wish the best of luck to the people of new york who will need to kill tens of thousands of u.s. soldiers.

    I hope that the soldiers will be clever enough to refuse to fight for the foreign u.s. gov’t.

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