We all just listened to THE AUDIT that was to bring Justice for the American People and along with it HOPE FOR THE WORLD! I think it is fair to say, tonight, right now, America has fallen. I heard that Sidney Powell will file MORE PAPERS to go to court. We know that the Court System is CORRUPT. We have been told to lockdown and take a poisonous Fake Vaccine. Inflation is growing and all we get are empty promises that someone is coming to rescue us. I believe that the someone is The People. Those whom have Ruined the Lives of so many think they are untouchable. Are THEY really untouchable? The fire of Wrath has been lit. Vets and others, Militias and civilians have laid down the gauntlet. We are in the Billions. If the Police and Military want to fight the People whom have nothing left to lose, than that will be their choice. We ALL have a duty to survive for the coming generation. I heard that the Courts will be burned to the ground. As I see more I will be reporting on it. May God be with each and everyone of you. God helps those whom help themselves. The Deceivers and Satanists have no place here. There is but one way to stop evil. “THEY” think they are safe as the night brings the shadows of their destiny. The Time Is Now. the time is now news

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