In a Court of Law, if you are injured or have died because of the Fake Vaccines, you or your relatives, will be told you were a SLAVE who CONSENTED to be Fake Vaccinated with a MRNA KIllshot. The Two trips to get Fake vaccinated were to cement your consent that you knowingly took the Shot to be Transhumanized. Therefore you lose any ground to sue. They didn’t need the boosters. 2 times was enough to show negligence on the part of those, without care to the consequences, went in and got the kill shot. If you FULLY CONSENT and go and get Fake Vaccinated TWICE, you are not only bodily damaged, you are unfixable by normal Human treatments and you have given up all rights as a Free Person!!!!! They have TRICKED YOU!!!!! STOP THE FAKE VACCINES NOW!!!!!! the time is now news

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