WHY is the blood of vaccinated people BLACK instead of RED???? Have the INMATES taken over the ASYLUM? YES, they have. Crazy, Insane, Psychopaths who are PERPETUAL LIARS ARE RUNNING THE WORLD??? Think about that! They LIE because if they told you the truth they would not be able to manipulate and control you, so they tell lies to get you to take poison all the while telling you it is like a treat that you will love. Then you realize you were TRICKED! The Vaccine KILLS you, it doesn’t do you any good. A LIE!!!!!! Pure and simple. They REPEAT the Lie and drill it into your brain until you start to believe it. Then they can do whatever they want because you are now pliable, able to be bent and shaped into anything they desire. They can even KILL you with an injection and you will actually line up to get it!!! They are Mind Snatchers. The Time Is Now to fight back with every bone in your body. Don’t do ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU TO DO!!!! EVER!!!!! NEVER COMPLY!!!!!! the time is now news

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