If the so called Vaccine worked the way a vaccine is suppose to work then those whom were vaccinated built up an IMMUNITY to the disease they were vaccinated against. INSTEAD the Psychopaths are telling you that even though you were vaccinated, you CAN STILL GET THE DISEASE! That goes against everything we know to be true about Vaccinations. Just as they told you the DISEASE was ASYMPTOMATIC! NO SYMPTOMS???? There is no such thing as a disease WITHOUT SYMPTOMS!!! THEY are laughing at you!!! Making fun of you because you will believe anything they tell you! If they told you to jump off a bridge to stop from getting a disease with NO SYMPTOMS, would you do it? If it is 100 degrees out and you are sweating, would you believe them if they tell you, “NO, you are not sweating, you are not,” would you believe them? But you can feel and see the sweat as they tell you it isn’t there!!! STOP BELIEVING ANYTHING THEY SAY!!!!! NO COMPLIANCE! FIGHT BACK TOOTH AND NAIL ! They are Killing People!!! the time is now news

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