The People should not Fear the Government, rather the Government should Fear the People. Is it Okay that a Government kills it’s own People? What happens if a Government is incapacitated? Would such a Government be unable to Punish The People for exercising their Rights? No, I think Not. How does a People incapacitate the Government you might ask? Well, there is Noncompliance for one. There is crowd intimidation and there is the old standby, Mob Mentality. There are guerrilla tactics and strategic, planned out kidnappings, takeovers and invasions. Whomever has the most numbers wins in the end. If such things such as Government weaponry is thought to be used AGAINST the People than it is , of course, fair game. Or people could just sit around and wait for the fairy godmother to come and sprinkle the enemy with goodwill. But I don’t see that happening, do you? There seems to be a sinister agenda and unless the embers of wickedness are extinguished there appears to be no end in sight. the time is now news

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