Crazy people are telling others that they must be injected with substances that will destroy their immune system. This is THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY!!! The World has become a Giant CRIME SCENE! The Pharmaceutical Companies CANNOT ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY! Wherever and WHOMEVER is giving these kill shots need to be ARRESTED and tried for Attempted Murder and Murder. The dye has been cast. The damage has been done. Everyone knows of the injuries and deaths directly caused by these FAKE VACCINES!!! In order to pull off this DEPOPULATION PLAN, EVERYONE would have had to be injected and brainwashed. BUT THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!! And so The Time Is Now to pull the Fake Vaccines from the market before The People blow up the Pharma manufacturing sites and the centers and hospitals into SMITHEREENS! THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA NEED TO VACATE THEIR DENS OF PERPETUAL LIES AND THEY NEED TO BE ARRESTED TODAY! CITIZEN ARREST IF NEED BE!!! And if those involved do not turn themselves in NOW, they will from this day forward be WANTED BY THE PEOPLE to bring them to justice! If they thought it was OKAY to kill Human Beings as if they were test subjects in a lab, they have another thing coming. This Crime Scene created by some fairy tale made up by some Inbred MADMEN has been unveiled. STOP THE FAKE VACCINES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This MINUTE!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! the times is now news

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