A message to the people


Word on the street is STAY OUT OF DC during 9/11, in and around! The Deep State wants Patriots to go so they can pin something on them!!! Fight for your rights, fight school boards, local TYRANTS and your state Representatives! DC is an evil past memory for Americans. It no longer exists how we saw it in our minds. Too much corruption and satanic rituals were done in DC. It is now just a reminder of how asleep The People have been. This massive beast system where children are preyed upon and the church of Satan flourishes, is about to go down. The People never had to be working slaves, poisoned with petro pharmaceuticals and living chaotic, stressed lives. Be grateful that there are those trying to save you all as now “THEY” are killing you off. Open your eyes and see what has been going on! Pray for guidance and strength to endure the knowledge you will soon encounter. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so everyone could know repentance and forgiveness. Do not let the terrorists that rule the people get one more day to hurt and maim. May God be with you all. The Time is Now News

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