It’s mostly the VACCINATED who are in the Hospitals. Now why would that be? If they were vaccinated AGAINST, let me say that again, AGAINST this vague virus that looks and acts like a flu/cold, then how in the world could they be so sick that they are Hospitalized? It has to be the VACCINES. Through the deduction of elimination concerning other possibilities by reasoning that all studies conclude and have been documented to say that ONLY THE VACCINES could be the culprit. The makers of this Fake Vaccine know it. They are desperate to cover up the reports based on tireless laboratory work and the knowledge of diseases that are unique to this reactive Fake Vaccine, so unique in fact they cannot even TREAT the massive damage to the organs, that have never been seen before until this Fake Vaccine caused them. Thus it is not only a STRETCH to try and connect the Vaccinated Sick to the Covid that has no symptoms, it simply cannot be done. This is why…. The UNVACCINATED are not developing the UNIQUE ORGAN BREAKDOWNS that ONLY the FAKE VACCINATED are. THERE IS NO CORRELATION between the two. Therefore the study has been concluded. The Unvaccinated are the walking Placebos( the controlled group) that have proven, without a shadow of a doubt, what the Fake Vaccines DO and the HARM they have perpetuated on The People. And now the Experiment is done and the information gleaned from it is cast in stone. It Failed. This fake Vaccine did NOT act as an agent of prevention. Instead it did GREAT DAMAGE. This Study has killed People. The Testing is done and this Fake Vaccination must be removed, NOW! The Time Is Now News

We know how to stop the People who are giving the killshots, but how do we get rid of the killshots? Asking for a friend. I heard people were thinking of taking the Fake Vaccines and burying them until they knew how to dispose of TOXIC WASTE. Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants maybe need the machines that run the factory line to go down is what I heard. Or pull the plug on electric and generators. Billions of People in the world are clear headed. Hmmmm One hears the funniest things. The Time Is Now News