They want you to stretch a dollar. While they wear beautiful linen and soft , warm cashmere and real silk, you are given CHEAP polyester and spandex. Your children sleep in scratchy sheets. Your fish is polluted, your meat tainted. You drink from thin glass, not heavy crystal. You go to Walmarts ” THEY ” have made plenty for you so you will remain underprivileged. You are to NEVER know what you are missing because they have kept great things from you. You are to be grateful for a tax deduction, while they don’t PAY TAXES. You will NEVER KNOW! They think you hang on to their every word because you are stupid. You think this is the way it is suppose to be. Children die in Africa while we have an abundance of food, but YOU are to feel guilty, NOT THEM! They LAUGH as they eat NON GMO organic foods in savory sauces while you get orange macaroni and cheese. HAHAHAHA! Look at the little people dressed shabbily and look ill from Fake vaccines and shitty food. Maybe we will dole out LESS fuel so they freeze in winter. LOL LOL LOL!!!!! THEY LAUGH, THEY CHUCKLE. THEY HAVE STOLEN YOUR BIRTHRIGHT TO CHOSE HOW YOU LIVE AND RETAIN YOUR OWN MONEY!!!!! YOU ARE BEING PLAYED AS FOOLS! RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Kimberly McGregor Clark

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