OMG! I heard people are going to burn down the places that house vaccines AND the State and Federal Buidings and the Politician’s HOMES! The people are going to band together and do the job themselves I heard. I guess they are mad that these ELECTED people don’t care if people are INJURED or DIE because of the vaccine. Can you imagine….they could care less. They are SILENT!!! They think LOCKDOWNS were OKAY! ELECTED ASSHOLES who I guess should be taken out of office, dragged out would be too good for them. Nancy Pelosi is going to be decapitated I heard in the street. That’s what I heard. People are going to arm themselves with syringes filled with Drano and stick the Deep State with them. All bullies in power will be killed I heard. They are going to be HUNG starting with the Top Politicians! WOW!!! I guess they think it’s the ONLY WAY! Kimberly McGregor Clark

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