Take action people of the World!

Keep this in mind…..knowing that the German Nazis have been controlling the British Throne for many years, it is reasonable to conclude that the members of the ” Royal Family” have been a part of Black Operations to take down America. Thus we have Megan Markle entering the picture right before the Crown Coronavirus was ready to be weaponized to TRICK the World People into submission to the ” RULERS.” Harry and Megan escaped to Canada and according to most they are in LA. With them came instructions, I am sure, to give to the sheep in Hollywood to do their parts in taking down the US. This is why you will hear the ” celebrities” espousing all kinds of support for the George Soros Nazis and Islamic Radicals to torch and rain terror down on the American People. The Fake News, Politicians, ( who have been eerily quiet during the violent riots) Hollywood, Sport Figures and others with money are behind the scenes throwing dirty money at the Nazis. When will Americans have had enough? WHEN DO AMERICANS GO TO THE DC CAPITOL, THE HOMES OF PELOSI AND CLINTON, AND SOROS INSTEAD OF TORCHING INNOCENT AMERICAN SMALL BUSINESSES? ISN’T THAT A DEAD GIVEAWAY THAT THE RIOTERS STAND WITH THE ELITE? THEY LEAVE THE REAL OFFENDERS OF THE CONSTITUTION ALONE AND TARGET THE AMERICAN CITIZENS? USE YOUR BRAINS AND DECIDE WHAT IS THE REAL COURSE OF ACTION THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN. AN EYE FOR AN EYE. THE TIME IS NOW TO BRING THE FIRES OF JUSTICE TO THOSE WHOM DESERVE IT!!!! DO IT!!!! SOME LIVES MUST BE LOST FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND TO SURVIVE….The Time Is Now News