The Truth shall set the world FREE!

The FISHY murder of Floyd while the smug cop squatted for 9 1/2 minutes with his knee on the man’s neck was meant to traumatize the public. The old MK Ultra trick of abusing and fracturing the minds of The People so they could not think clearly was fully in play here. While everyone was paralyzed, NOT helping the man, it was exactly what the government has been programming to happen. With cloudy judgement the people fell in line with the instigators paid and bussed in by Georgie Soros who were smashing windows. From there all hell broke loose. We are BREAKING THE SPELL of the role of abuse victims we have been forced to be. CNN and the Fake Mainstream Media News is directly responsible for enabling the nazis trying to break America and kill the spirit and WILL of the American Citizens. We now see clearly what is right and what is wrong. Our lives could be so much better. Once we stop accepting whatever they order us to do, we will REGAIN our FREEDOMS! No one should be hungry in America. No one should be exposed to drugs in their neighborhoods. NO ONE SHOULD BE WORKED TO DEATH AND THEN SHOT UP WITH POISONOUS VACCINES! NO MORE! The Time Is now to stand up and be heard! All those in DC involved in the conspiracy to depopulate and destroy America must be charged with TREASON. “Selling secrets to China is NOT AN OPTION DIANE FEINSTEIN, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and friends.” Bill Gates murdering millions of innocent children used as receivers of toxic vaccines, dead or disabled in Africa and India is going to pay the price of what he ,a madman has done. American children have incidences of autism, allergies, seizures and death that is UNPRECEDENTED in our nation!!!! The Fake News will not tell the public what has been going on under their noses but those days are OVER! The Day of Reckoning is upon all the treasonous sellers of America to the highest bidder and JUSTICE IS AROUND THE CORNER for every last sordid scoundrel that walks the earth! The Time Is Now! The Time is Now News

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