You know I have to say that every time I go to the market or I am out and about, people are always talking about White Nationalism. They are also constantly talking about racial hatred in their children’s schools. NOT!!!! Nobody talks about this except those on the news and politicians. It is like a rumor that gets started, both sides of the political parties start the rumors and embellish the made up stories and none of it is even true. There is no Cyclone of HATE ripping through our Country! WHITE NATIONALISM is a RUMOR and therefore a DIVERSION and a way to divide people. That in itself is a CRIME! Oh Yes, I say to the cashier, ” How are you doing?, and she says to me, well I am pretty good but I perceive Latinos and Jewish people as a threat to me and I am worried about White Nationalism.” NEVER have I heard this. What a bunch of shit!!!! People want some morals, to keep their money and to quit having the rulers push FAKE HEARINGS and Congressional Testimonies down their throats!!! Arrest the Criminals. Save the Children and shut the hell up!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!! thetimeisnownews

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