The Democrat and Republican Parties, could they be another lie?

Look at all the ineptness in D.C.. If there is choas and division in the GOVERNMENT, does that not trickle down into our society? What if there is no Democrat Party, no Republican Party? What if the main objective is to slowly crush the Republic and they are ALL but actors playing their part, like Hollywood and the Media? We know that the Politicians are rich as soon as they are elected. One must assume that the Corporations and the Global Banks buy them all off to keep the charade going. Why did Pelosi and Feinstein suddenly say the violence from the left was wrong. They said it because they are trying to look like they are flexible when , in reality, they are just playing the game. They have got to keep people thinking they are not just sheep following the system laid out by those whom REALLY run D.C.. We are so distracted by picking a side that we no longer see the forest through the trees. Americans must DIG DEEPER. Cast the players in D.C. aside and you will find the answers to what is actually happening to the United States and other countries. Right now we are focused on the managers, what we need to be looking at are the OWNERS of the Company. We are being handled to react a certain way, to be upset with those whom work for the real enemies. We must be looking at those at the top. It is a big task but it is the only way out of our data collecting breach of privacy, poisonous food, vaccines and terror created world that those that live in a bubble have made for us. D.C. can do NOTHING! We must make D.C the inconsequential little people that they really are and look past them to where the dastardly people lay in wait to finish off and tie up the loose ends to render the Citizens helpless to gain back their rights to live in Freedom. The peasants went after the Kings, as well as the go betweens. This is how it is done.  thetimeisnownews


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