In our hour of need, the world citizens must pull together and decry those whom want to continue their enslavement over them. In our hour of need, the citizens in EACH COUNTRY of the world must rise up and prepare to fight, whatever that may entail, to the death. In our hour of need, each person must reach down inside and be the citizen that can change the destructive and dangerous road that has been prepared for them by those whom are NO BETTER, NO SMARTER and NO MORE CLEVER than the CITIZENS that have retained their ability to think and reason, despite those efforts by the ROBBER-BARONS of the world to brainwash and censor them. But not only are these cold and calculated thieves greedy, they are more importantly causually cruel, having no compassion, no sense of wrong and are happy to inflict pain, killing our most important and vulnerable within our society, our babies, our children. They cater to evil and think these sacrifices make them more powerful. They do not. Would we allow this in our homes? No we would not. And so we must understand that the WORLD is our home and we are under attack, thrown into a war that we have no choice but to win. With every heartbeat, may the people use their strength in numbers to break the stranglehold and regain their humanity back. In our hour of need may the HUNTERS be HUNTED and receive the punishments they so deserve. thetimeisnownews

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