Day: February 27, 2017

Commentary: Today the realization that there are people all over this planet whom wish to control others has been highlighted and sent around America and the world.We the Free Citizens WILL NOT COMPLY! We will have a new and better social site. Googling it will become obsolete along with Facebook. They went too far, they pushed too many people and they forgot their place. We can giveth and we can taketh away. They use us for gathering information in our dossiers. They work for bad people. They are bad people. And we are going to let them tell us what we can say and write? I think NOT! LOL! They are people telling people what to do. That is it. We should not associate with these losers. Smart people are everywhere. The Time Is Now to stand up, leave the room and move on. Soon the morning shall herald in a free and engaging new way to communicate with stable people. Stay tuned, its a comin! thetimeisnownews

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