Day: February 23, 2017

Commentary: Sorry to be the one to break it to you New World Order and Decrepit Families that refer to themselves as Houses, it is now the year 2017, and like Iran you are all behind the times. Your delusions of grandeur are no longer accepted as reality. We all came into this world the same way and money comes and goes. Blackmailing the world’s people through banking fraud, intimidation tactics and inhumanity is not going to cut it anymore. We the People are not buying into your bullshit and we will not be your slaves. You will be our slaves and do as we wish, and you will all lose your perches because greediness causes mistakes, mistakes lead to weakness and weakness leads to failure to thrive. You have eaten your young and there is no one left to carry on. Kimberly McGregor Clark Like · Reply · February 15 at 11:53pm

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