Commentary: The Scottish Sunday Herald has come out and ridiculed Trump’s Inauguration, calling it the Twilight Zone. Where were these people when Obama sank the world into multi wars and division worldwide? As America slipped further into dept, with billions of American taxpayer dollars being spent on fake refugees being smuggled into the United States under the cover of night and our veterans sleeping in the streets, the twilight zone was the American Citizen’s existence. The deceit and unlegal practices Obama’s fake Presidency, community, pot smoking organizer and cronies played around with is the stuff nightmares are made of. Obama is probably of the Bush DNA, I doubt the dreams of his father book was based on anything real. It has been a complete and utter illuminate Disney ride for years and now the REAL Americans have elected some one outside the D. C. circus rodeo circuit, and the Scottish Herald is freaking out! Now would you be eating the liberal shortbread Scottish Herald people? January 20, 2017 will be just what the doctor ordered for Americans and the world! Shame on you Scottish Sunday Herald….

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