A Big, Pertinent Commentary: I believe that the Fake News hoopla was a MAJOR diversion, and a FAKE story in itself. Speaking for myself, I have used the word fake for YEARS to describe the refugees, the news stories, the politicians and media personalities, not to mention numerous other ridiculous happenings. But what happened to Pizzagate? It was at this same moment that Pizzagate( child sex trafficking) came to light and the Fake accusations from all sides, collided. When Angela Merkel, the Chancellor from Germany and the same woman of fake refugee and open border fame, jumps in the conversation saying she would sue anyone for 500 million dollars over a fake story, well you have to know this was another diversion, and it appears of epic proportions. Our Fake Media jumped in with both feet to do massive Fake Spin in order to divert and dismiss a story of grave significance. Most people were not so dismissive of the children and their abusers. Many believe the government who have been complacent and have covered up for high ranking officials for years have, along with creepy old money families that wash their hands with the blood of children every day of their lives, gotten away with murder. Are the bigger news sites afraid of this Pizzagate story, or are some in bed with the government thugs who hide this hideous behavior? Pizzagate is FAR from over. The American woman who went to Haiti and lured children out of there, who’s trail stopped at an island. The Clinton’s devious ways that are directly tied to sexual perversions and drug crazed friends. It does not stop with the Clintons, it goes so wide and far, the net will stretch until it starts to come apart. Unfortunately the Bushes appear to be a disturbed lot. Harry Reid? It goes back in time. Hollywood enables these child abusers. We watch their movies, but NO MORE! We unknowingly support this Pizzagate through the buying of services, through campaign contributions that Politicians keep the ” leftover change”, in the millions. There are TOO many obvious people and some not so much but there are those who know ALOT more than they have said. I implore you who are in the know to find a way to unearth the information that you have. The Time Is Now to come forward, do not say what you know, just come out with it, somehow, somewhere. The people are ready, The Time Is Now! This is worldwide and if this is not worth fighting for, what the hell is? THIS IS WHY WE ELECTED TRUMP! We want a clean life. If this is NOT an important story for our time, then WHAT IS?? This is the crumbling of HUMANITY, this is why we fight, why we have stood up and said NO MORE! Do not let this depravity go back into the closet! We need to hammer the sick cowards who do this to the innocent! This story lives on, it’s life will never lose the flame of Chasing Justice! Rise up Citizens in America and all over the globe!….. The Time Is Now News January 4, 2017

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