Commentary: I guess we do not have to say “Happy New Year” to the World Banking Cartel that controls most of the countries banks! EVERYDAY is A Holiday for those who steal for a living! All those fees for using ATMs, having a checking acount, late fees, closing costs, Fees , Fees and MORE Fees! Taking your OWN money out of the little banking claws, well there’s a FEE for THAT! Checking your balance, yep you guessed it , another fee :). Isn’t life GRAND for People who decided they were above being human. They love watching the poor people of the world beg for bottled water, cry for their families not to be raped and murdered, even the harried little worker bees in America, trying to pay the fees and keep up with the inflation, having no working ‘ Healthcare System”, and so many innocents dying works up larger than life appetites that they have no problem filling with food only the poor people could dream of! SO what if people are dropping dead from starvation in America, South America, Africa and everywhere else! Hahaha, so what! Lets talk about starting ANOTHER Non government organization( NGO) and then we can bounce around going through lots and lots of channels to end up doing nothing about anything! Bill Gates will just hand out more toxic vaccines! Who needs nutrition, water and housing when you can have VACCINES!!! We all need mercury! Yes Mercury, Formaldehyde and Fluoride! Thank you great humanitarians from hell. Thank you! Another year of the elite telling us they are better than we are. Another year of being patronized and laughed at. Another year of greedy families keeping their distance from the masses. WELL THIS YEAR may be different! One light can break through a bleak horizon. Maybe things will be different because now we know for a fact WHO has made our lives so difficult. Knowing is half the battle….. knowing is half the battle…..So get the Champagne ready My Fellow Americans and all the World People, because all is not over until it is over……Our day is coming ;)…… thetimeisnownews

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