💥 LISTEN TO ME!!!! TRUMP ushered in the FEMA ERA composed of DEEP STATE ANTI AMERICANS working in Tandem to Tear apart Emergency Unity and Expertise. It was Under the Trump Tutelage that the ENTIRE Smooth Workings of American Government fell apart. He even went so far as to beckon Americans to DC in order to enact a COUP over our Government. There was no Rigged Election. The Usual failings were present but it was not STOLEN!!!!!! If Discourse had a name, it would be called Donald Trump. He looks like a HARMLESS CLOWN BUT he is loyal to the JEWS who have been Breaking down America into Little Pieces! He has turned his back on Jan 6 Political prisoners, his Lawyers and all the people who participated in his “Fuck Over Americans” show! Everyone around him will be jailed including him. He has used Psychology from an OLD BOOK to CONVINCE his MAGA worshippers that he is the MAGA KING and can do no wrong!!! WTH???? What a BUFFOON!!!! No 5D Chess in the Trump corner, he is playing Checkers with Halfwits!!!!!! WAKE UP!!! FEMA is not in the Constitution. IN FACT ANYONE WHO TRIES TO USE DICTATORIAL (TRUMP AND FEMA) POWERS IN THE US ARE CALLED TRAITORS!!!!!!!! NO EMERGENCY Takeover Organization is anywhere in the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!! TYRANNY SHALL BE PUNISHED!!!!!!!!!! ARREST TRUMP AND FEMA!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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